Friday, July 1, 2016

More old novel goodness

Well after a flurry of posting I had a two week long break to get my oldest son moved to Dallas Texas.  I was under the delusion that I would have a lot of free time to do some reading and other things.  The reality was that just about every moment was either spend shopping for furniture or assembling it. i could probably start a second career as an IKEA home installer.  I did manage to find a little time to do some used bookstore shopping so I made the rounds of Half Price Books in the area.  As a side note, Dallas is the company’s corporate headquarters and I had the chance to visit their flagship store and made some discoveries.  First up was CL Werner’s Witchkiller which competes the trilogy.  I’ll have to dig out the other two and do a binge reading of the series.  I also picked up another of Werner's tomes, Blood for the Blood God and a Nathan Long Gotex and Felix book, Zombieslayer.  

Another stop yielded the 40k novel Firedrake and the WHFB Dominion for a whopping $1 each!  Dominion appears to book two in a Van Carstien Trilogy so I will now be obligated to seek out books one and three, it never ends!

Lastly, I hit the jackpot and managed to find three White Dwarf back issues which puts me within about seven of a complete set of the original monthly run.  If anyone has any WD issues from 365 to 389 range that they are interested in getting rid of please PM me and I’ll send you a list of what still need to complete my collection.