Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kicking some Space Butt! Or a review of Space Raiders 2 mins.

As I mentioned earlier I receive my much anticipated package of Diego’s Space Raiders 2 Kickstarter mins a few weeks ago.  I pulled a few out to get onto painting stands to proceed with gluing and painting.  As promised here is a review of a few of the miniatures from the package. 

I decided to grab out 5 of the figures to paint up a small crew.  I had to get two of the Picsean figures out since they were my main motivator behind supporting the Kickstarter in the first place.  These are actually from his first Kickstarter which I missed out on.  Lucky for me he made them available through the second campaign.  

I decided to stay old school or better put “Oldrogue” and stick with some of the similarly themed Rogue Trader mins from the package.  I grabbed two of the Minotaur in Space figures.  Rounding out the party is the cyber ork with the Predator style shoulder cannon.  Seems like a well-rounded landing/excursion party.  Review wise I couldn’t be happier with the figures.  They are very crisp casts, hats off to whoever Diego is using to mold and cast these up!  I only had one figure that had any signs of flash, one of the bulls around his naughty bits.  

 I can carefully perform a “flashectomy” with a Xacto knife so not a major issue.  If I were to be critical, and I mean really nitpicky critical, my only complaint would be the bases or lack thereof.  More specifically the slota-tabs.  Not that I am huge fan of slota-tabs but it does give you something to hold onto when putting them on a painting stand or a base.  GWS has lulled me into accepting that all figures would have them resulting in my total lack of pin basing skills.  Again I was feeling adventurous and with reckless abandon I jumped right in and was able to get the larger models attached without issue.  As long as you don’t count the fact that I drilled all the way through one of the Minotaur’s hooves!  

No worries it is a very easy “green stuffing” fix.  I'm not sure what the metal mix is on these figures but they were very easy to drill, somewhere between old soft lead and the very hard tin mixes, again well done to whoever is casting these!  The fishboys were/are more of an issue.  Again partially on me.  My smallest pin drill to date is 1/16 of an inch which sounds small but is nearly as big as the feet of the Picsean. 

Way too large to drill/pin the feet for attaching to a base or stand.  Easiest solution is get off my lazy butt and get a mico drill set, which I will certainly get prior to permanently attaching them to a base.  My quick solution is the clothespin base I made for the Diehard Miniatures Son of Slomm figure.

This will get me started while I look into micro drills.  Again overall I am delighted with the quality of the figures from the sculpts to the casting to the character.  All of them are incredible and I’m looking forward to my Pantheon of Chaos figures, my Greenskin Wars figures, and my Space Raiders 3!