Saturday, December 31, 2016

Silent but not dead!

Well the blog has been a bit silent as of late, you know how life is.  You think that you have all this extra time to do things and it turns out that your expectations and reality do not match up!  Had a conference to go to prior to Thanksgiving which put me off track and I foolishly told myself that I'd have plenty of time over the Holiday break which evaporated with a trip to visit my oldest son.  No worries as our Aussie mates would say, I'll catch up during our Christmas break.  Yea that didn't happen until today while watching some college football.  So I think that it is blog obligatory to do a recap at the end of the year.  

It looks like I managed 36 posts for the year, not bad that is a little more than one every 2 weeks.  Better than I would have thought.  I covered everything from resurrecting an old Fimir project to covering a start to finish project for Car Wars/Dark Future.  I played around with new figures like Reapers Bones and new techniques like a wet pallet.  I babbled on about some Oldhammer nostalgia and my never ending search of used bookstores for materials.  Respectable output for my first real foray into the blogosphere.  I don’t know that I’ll ever match the literary output of James over a Realm of Chaos 80’s or the painting quality of Matt at Oldhammer in Toronto.  I’m fairly happy with this effort but would like to do more.  

Now we transition into the other obligatory end of year/New Year’s blog aspect, resolution/goals for 2017.  Well I could go through and put to use some new management training I’ve recently received and set up some S.M.A.R.T goals but I’m on vacation/holidays so no work like thinking!    Instead I will do some combination planning and set some blog and painting/hobby goals all in one, here we go:

1.       First off let’s shoot for weekly posts for 2017.  I think that I can achieve this without too much effort if I just put my mind to it.
2.       Next goal is to put some paint on the Fimir project figures.  That might take some effort since I haven’t settled on a paint scheme.  I think I also have to overcome some fear of getting paint of them as well.
3.       Kickstarter kicking butt!  I have a ton of mins coming in from several Kickstarter campaigns that I backed in 2016.  They should start rolling in January, starting with Diego’s Space Raiders 2, to his Pantheon of Chaos, Greenskin Wars and Space Raiders 3.  That doesn’t include Direhard Miniatures 2 and the plastic OGRE mins from SJ Games.  Will be a busy year for new lead, it will take some effort to not ignore the old lead lying about!
4.       Lastly and probably the easiest is a name change for the blog.

Not too many goals which leaves me room for improvisation during the year.  Seems like I’ve covered all the bases so I’m out of here for 2016.  Happy New Year to all!