Saturday, April 29, 2017

With a Little Help form a Friend!

Sometimes you just a little help from a friend.  A while back Chico from Oldhammer on a Budget fame put up a post of some finely painted BOB Chinese army troops.  In it he lamented about losing his painting mojo and not producing anything for months.  I was in the same funk and his progress and some encouragement to me led me to shaking off the rust of my 2+ month lack of painting and diving back in.

I wrapped up most of the Direhard mins and the odd Citadel figure or two.

I also broke out some Space Raiders mins and pinned them for painting and started to prime them up as well as adding the Space Fimir to the party.

One issue was gap filling and suddenly realizing that my greenstuff might be as old as my college aged youngest son!  They all politely got pushed to the back burner until my fresh greenstuff shipment arrives.

I did add the newest Space Raiders min of the Rogue Trader by the Great Goblinmaster Kevin Adams.

Stepping up to fill the gap is my C23 collection of the incredible Jes Goodwin Orges is Skrag the Slaughter which I managed to pick up on eBay for a very reasonable price.  Just a few more figures left to complete the set!

I also based up a Chaos Champions of Khorne which was acquired recently as well.  This gets my needs list down to just two champions left to complete that set! Sometimes the chase is a much fun as actually getting your hands on them.

Actually eBay has been particularly productive as of late with the aforementioned recent additions as well as a big score of the original Space Elves line from the Rogue Trader.  My set is now complete with the exception of a single min, Capt. Aetolia Lightfoot.  I'm also missing a few of the Command Group but I have enough to get started.

So, a shout out to Chico for the motivation to get off my arse and get painting!  First up will be a unit of the Space Elves!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Used Bookstore Goodness!

Once again the used bookstore shopping pays off!  I absolutely love Half Price Books, a Dallas Texas based chain of used bookstores that occasionally carries new releases at a discounted price.  They have several locations here in Ohio.  I have indulged heavily over the years in their paperback books with 30+ of the Horus Heresy novels, their used magazine section with 50+ back issues of White Dwarf, untold OOP games like WHFB, WHFRP, D&D, and as of late several new boxed games like Munchkin Cthulhu and X-wing at a nice discount.  One of them has actually started carrying used miniatures.  Not only does this place typically sell books for 50% of their original price but they do coupon sales every few months that run a week starting with a 20% off one item on Monday and cumulating on Sunday with a 50% off one item!  And this last Sunday was one of those days!  Lately I’m been striking out with the Horus Novels, they just aren’t getting them in like they used to, but I did have some miniature luck with a box of Dust Tactics Heavy Red Command.  

I picked up for $5.00 for my someday Weird War II project.

I also managed to get a copy of In Her Majesty’s Name by Osprey for $4.50.  I'm excited to give this a read.  Any comments on it's contents would be appreciated.

The biggest jackpot was at my last stop where I stumbled upon a treasure trove of original run Traveller books by Marc Miller.  I cut my teeth on the D&D blue boxed set as a pre-middle schooler and being a Sci-Fi fan jumped on board the Traveler game shortly their after.  I still have the original boxed set from 78 pictured here along with the newly acquired Book 0 An Introduction To

I loved the thought of some space adventuring but quickly came to realization that the game was probably beyond my attention span for my age.  It was a tremendous amount of work to get into it and I didn’t have a gaming group to encourage me along so my interest petered out.  I never bought more than the original boxed set with Books 1-3.  I stumbled upon several of the original Books and managed to pick Book 0 which is an introductory book from the deluxe boxed set along with Books 4-Mercenary, 5-High Guard, and 6-Scouts.

Also Single Adventure 1 The Kinunir, Double Adventure 1 Mission on M and Double Adventure 2 Shadows.  Now that my collection is fleshed out some I’ll have to spend some time re-reading these classics.