Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Pig Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck and I'm about to put the hammer down." More Car Wars/Dark Future/Gaslands WIP

Yes you knew I was going to eventually quote something from Convoy!   I contemplated   painting the tractor blue but decided to go a different route and try green.

Here is a early WIP shot of the tractor.  Weapons will be blacked and then metaled up. The turrets for the top of the trailer and for the top of the box truck are right below

Here is a later one with a bit more detail work on the cab, by no means finished.  I have some clean up to do, the ink wanted to wander outside of the panel lines for some reason.

This is a shot of the trailer and magnitized weapon turrets.

Lastly, the box truck which I decided on grey as the main color.  Not sure if I will use a secomdary.  It can use the above turrets as well.  It has a single weappons spot while the semi trailer has two.

While I had the green out I decided to block out some color on the Chaos Warrior project as well.  Thats it for now.

Friday, April 13, 2018

I’m seeing double! More Car Wars/Dark Future/Gaslands cars

I wanted to do something a little different for the second round of cars. As I rummaged through my (or better put my sons’) piles of Hotwheels I realized that it had several duplicates.  Then it struck me,  I’ve been wanting to do some wasteland cars and opportunity presented me with a great idea!  I pulled out several of the doubles so I could do an interceptor/wasteland version of each.  One lesson learned from the first project, unless it is an open top vehicle I’m not going to waste time on the interiors!  Here are some of the twins!

This set includes one from the original set of cars I did last year and a copy to do the wasteland conversion.  I need to buy some structural HO scale plastic beams and such for more ram conversions.

These are a couple of Dodge Chargers.  I elected to go with at black primer coat on this set of mins and quickly found out that for the wasteland conversion it is perfect but for the interceptor/good paint jobs it was too dark in my opinion.  At least with light colors, this one actually started off with a yellow paint job that simply wasn't happening. Then a grey that I wasn't happy with either.  I think the green turned out pretty good.  nor just a bit more weathering.

I like the looks of this vehicle with the double twin engines and the low rider look.  For the interceptor version I elected not to prime it and instead went with just weathering the factory paint job.  I did pull the engine insert and paint it.  I enjoyed doing the armor plates and making the rivets on the wasteland version of this one and others.  there is still some work to do on all of them.  I need to do windshields for a few of the wastelanders.  And the weapons could use a ink wash and then another highlight or two.  Overall I'm happy with the results.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thats a big 10-4 good Buddy! Back into the Car Wars/Dark Future/Gaslands groove.

I tried, I honestly tried to fight my adult ADD!  I finally succumbed to my impusles and jumped back into some auto body work!  I did up some Hotwheels cars last year and I really enjoyed the project so I thought why not another around!

This project is focused on creating a semi rig for the collection.  It started life as a very cheap pullback toy from Walmart.  I think it was a massive $1.00, I wish I had purchased more than two.  

Here is the cab with a few select weapons on it. I kept it somewhat easy.  

For the trailer, I went with the magnetized weapons option so I could create multiple options to use. 

Here are a few of the turrets with different weapons combinations.  I also did a cab-over box truck with a magnetized box that will accept the turrets from the semi-rig.

Here is a group shot of the upcoming batch.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Quick WIP update

Painting updates first, it has been a chore to find painting time as of late.  I’m not sure why but it has been slow going on these Champions of Khorne, I was very excited about the project and still am but alas this hasn’t expedited my painting any! 

Here are a few shots, got the base red down, inked and then highlighted with the base again.  I was a little disappointed with the brown wash feeling that it was too dark.  Left is the base only and right is the brown wash.


I’m not sure if it is the shade of brown or a matter of its age. Yes, that is indeed one of the old flip top pots from what?  30 years ago?

I did go out and pick up the new Nuln Oil wash and a Seraphim Sepia  Brown wash while I was out and about on Saturday, from a quick test on another model the Sepia seem to be more of the result I was looking for.

I did some work on this chap and highlighted with the red base through pink up to white and then gave it a wash/glaze of red.  Pretty happy with the results.   

Here is a better look at the process, left is the white based highlighting and the left is wit the red glaze.  Next up to start on the black and metals.

I made a few used bookstore stops after the Warhammer stop (I guess they don’t call them Games Workshop stores anymore) and had some nice finds.

I always like picking up reference material and grabbed a picture heavy German WW2 aircraft book.  I also picked up an old copy of Ballantine Books version of The Hobbit when I discovered I couldn’t find my childhood copy after the new house move.  No luck on the Horus Heresy books so I grabbed a copy of Ravenour to start.  Lastly, I found the Frostgrave supplement Thaw of the Lich Lord which looks interesting given my proclivity for undead.  A Frostgrave warband is a bit down the road but certainly a project I’m going to do.

Friday, March 2, 2018

No Paint just a "Look what I picked up!"

Lets face it, we all get a little charge from posting the look what I just got stuff so here is mine from the last couple of months.  Feel free to turn green with envy!  Just prior to Christmas I treated myself to a few choice purchases at Half Price Books with their 40% off coupon sale.

First up are some miniatures.  I’ve always wanted to pick up some of the newer plastic Nurgle flying beasts/daemons so this was an easy choice.  Especially since Papa Nurgle is next up once the Champions of Khorne are complete.  I also grabbed a 1/35 German PAK anti tank gun for $3.85 I couldn’t pass it up.  Not sure how it will scale with my 28mm Bolt Action line but worst case I use it for some conversion work on something Konflict 46 or other WWW2 project.

And some paper.  I was able to find a Horus Heresy book that I didn’t have as well as a copy of Frostgrave.  Any comments and insights from players would be greatly appreciated!  I’ve heard some decent reviews about it and my initial 15 min skim while the wife was shopping seemed interesting.  

A couple of months later I had a 20% off coupon and landed two more nice pieces.  Biggest was this Dust Tactics original starter box.  The most surprising was an old Space 1889 box of Kraag Warriors.  I'm about to venture into the WW2/WWW2 realm with some Warlord Games Bolt Action and Konflict 46 figures along with other Dust pieces that I have so this was a great buy.  If anyone is interested in the American troops let me know I'm willing to trade or sell them.

The Space 1889 was a surprising find and while I don't have any current plans for a Victorian Sci Fi project, I couldn't pass it up.  It was in great shape and complete.

Okay enough bragging and showing off, next post should have some more substance/paint progress.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Khorne Champions Update and others

I decided to post an update on the Champions of Khorne.  As you can see its been a slow, slogging process. Weather has been horrible here between snow and rain/flooding, such that my available paint time has been limited.  In what time I have managed eek out I did get them flash cleaned, primed, a second flash/mold line cleaning and final prime coat.  Here they are between the filing.

I also got base coats down for the black, brown, red and flesh sections.

I have quickly come to realize that trying to paint them in mass is probably not the right tactic.  I find it a great process if you are either painting multiple copies of the same figure or at least have a cohesive paint scheme for a unit of mixed figures.  But trying to paint what in my mind is essentially 16 individual figures all at the same time is a little daunting.  I have different color combos for each figure so it is becoming a stop and start process.  Given I am putting forth a herculean effort in fighting my ADD desire to just drop the whole thing and dive into some Car Wars/Dark Future/Gaslands projects, I have decided to change my approach and break them into smaller groups of 3 miniatures.  This will hopefully help speed up the process and help hold my attention.

I want to give a shout out to Kit from Hobby Holder which I supported when it was a Kickstarter towards the end of last year.  I've always been intrigued by the thought of a figure holding set up.   There was a Kickstarted a while back for one that was as much a work of art as a tool with wooden handles, bases and all sorts of nice metal pieces.  Unfortunately it was more than my cheapness would allow me to spend.  GWS has come out with one as well that looks interesting with a vise like adjustable head.  Any of these seem to beat my old habit of grabbing the base and the highest point, typically a sword, to hold for painting.  I cant tell you how many times I pinched just a bit too hard and bent a lead sword.  I tried my own set up with a pill bottle version, it was okay but very top heavy and prone to falling over when not in my hand.  Then I saw the Hobby Holder project and thought it was perfect.  It was very affordable at $20 and had a simple interchangeable system of pop bottle tops for holding the miniatures.  Here are a couple of pics of it.  They are available from his web store here  Hobby Holder.

Now that I have a couple of hours test driving it I have to say I really like it.  Easy to hold, steadies the hand, allows you to turn it as needed and it is easy to change out miniatures.

I mentioned my ADD desire to jump to a new project, its like my own version of Pinto's little devil  from the movie Animal House.

He is sitting on my should saying "Go a head, paint it, paint its brains out!  Grab a brush, squeeze its base, you know it wants it!"  There is a new Gaslands group on G+ and with some inspiring Hotwheels conversions and what not.  It really makes me want to jump back into this realm of miniatures.  I enjoyed the couple of vehicles I did about a year ago and I have these goodies already built.

I'm lucky the weather is bad, otherwise there would be some grey overspray in the driveway from getting these primed up!  I just need to exercise some patience and focus!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Collecting Warpstone and Skulls!

Early on in my enjoyment of the various Oldhammer bloggs I noticed a trend towards focusing on a particular grouping or genre of miniatures and collecting the entire group of said miniatures, a quest of sorts.

 I've seen everything from ultra rare miniature collections to readily available items.  I don't have big enough balls or wallet to tackle something like The Lichmaster or McDeath or Judge Dredd sets but I felt like I wasn't a part of the club unless I took on the pursuit of some collection.  I gave it some thought.  First it has to be something that will motivate me, a set or range that I honestly want to have.  I meditated on it for hours...yea right!  Narrowing it down was actually a pretty easy decision.  I love the Realm Of Chaos miniatures from the 80's.

Come on, just look a them, what Oldhammer enthusiast doesn't like these mins!  So it had to be something from the early ROC range.  Being an old football player, the followers of the Blood God have always held a place of fondness in my heart; you know violence, blood, and skulls!  Selecting Khorne as the target group was the next logical step.  The biggest decision was what exactly to collect.  I flipped through old catalogues and came across this page which on the Stuff of Legends is from the 1991 Red Catalogue 2.

I believe that this is the first listing, or at least one of the first, for a collection of Champions of Khorne.  It fit my needs in terms of providing an objective, being reasonably available and sized, and I was comfortable with the financial investment it would take.

After establishing the quest, I got started on it.  My first step was to go through the collection and see what I already had.  I was actually very presently surprised.  Having been a fan of Khorne since the release of ROC I have purchased several of the miniatures over the ensuing decades.  In fact I discovered that I already had 8 of the 12 miniatures!
 The Hateful Eight.

Wow, only 4 miniatures to go.  "This will be a piece of cake!" I said to myself as I sat down to log on to eBay and see what I could find.  3 of the missing figures all have "tech" chaos gifts.  Quick background note for those unaware, since Khorne isn't fond of magic he grants his followers gifts of technology instead, hence the chainfist, power fist, power mace fist, and bolter pistol.  I was missing figures 5 (Bladed Mace, Horns and Tech Weapon), figure 6 (Mace, Chainfist, Mankin and Mechanical Leg), and figure 10 (Sword, Head of a Bloodletter and Tech Weapon).

 Hard to find, who knew?

The 4th missing musketeer is figure 1 (Armed with Sword and Attributed with Horns).  Technically I actually have him, or better put a part of him.  I sliced his body in half to use in the conversion below. 

I was surprised at how uncommon these particular miniatures are or at least how scarce they are on eBay.  I should qualify that, scarce at the price that I was willing to pay.  While I had resigned myself to make an investment in this collection I still wasn't going to pay the outrageous prices that sometimes occur on eBay.  I exercised some patience and over the last 6 months I managed to pick up the 3 tech guys.  I'm still debating on if I should consider the converted guy or pick up a whole version.

I'm also going to do take this opportunity to  do some paint and color tests.  Over the last year or so I've manged to get several copies of my favorite chaos warrior figures from the Marauder line.  Its a bit odd actually, this guy used to make the occasional appearance on eBay but recently he has been readily available which has afforded me the opportunity to pick up a few more copies.  My game plan is to try some different base/undercoat color tests for the red areas on these figures to compare the results.

 Clearly I have a problem when it comes to this one!

As you can see each has a different base coat and my intent is to also play around with some yellow and brown bases as well.  Now all that is left is to start slapping on some paint!