Monday, January 29, 2018

Collecting Warpstone and Skulls!

Early on in my enjoyment of the various Oldhammer bloggs I noticed a trend towards focusing on a particular grouping or genre of miniatures and collecting the entire group of said miniatures, a quest of sorts.

 I've seen everything from ultra rare miniature collections to readily available items.  I don't have big enough balls or wallet to tackle something like The Lichmaster or McDeath or Judge Dredd sets but I felt like I wasn't a part of the club unless I took on the pursuit of some collection.  I gave it some thought.  First it has to be something that will motivate me, a set or range that I honestly want to have.  I meditated on it for hours...yea right!  Narrowing it down was actually a pretty easy decision.  I love the Realm Of Chaos miniatures from the 80's.

Come on, just look a them, what Oldhammer enthusiast doesn't like these mins!  So it had to be something from the early ROC range.  Being an old football player, the followers of the Blood God have always held a place of fondness in my heart; you know violence, blood, and skulls!  Selecting Khorne as the target group was the next logical step.  The biggest decision was what exactly to collect.  I flipped through old catalogues and came across this page which on the Stuff of Legends is from the 1991 Red Catalogue 2.

I believe that this is the first listing, or at least one of the first, for a collection of Champions of Khorne.  It fit my needs in terms of providing an objective, being reasonably available and sized, and I was comfortable with the financial investment it would take.

After establishing the quest, I got started on it.  My first step was to go through the collection and see what I already had.  I was actually very presently surprised.  Having been a fan of Khorne since the release of ROC I have purchased several of the miniatures over the ensuing decades.  In fact I discovered that I already had 8 of the 12 miniatures!
 The Hateful Eight.

Wow, only 4 miniatures to go.  "This will be a piece of cake!" I said to myself as I sat down to log on to eBay and see what I could find.  3 of the missing figures all have "tech" chaos gifts.  Quick background note for those unaware, since Khorne isn't fond of magic he grants his followers gifts of technology instead, hence the chainfist, power fist, power mace fist, and bolter pistol.  I was missing figures 5 (Bladed Mace, Horns and Tech Weapon), figure 6 (Mace, Chainfist, Mankin and Mechanical Leg), and figure 10 (Sword, Head of a Bloodletter and Tech Weapon).

 Hard to find, who knew?

The 4th missing musketeer is figure 1 (Armed with Sword and Attributed with Horns).  Technically I actually have him, or better put a part of him.  I sliced his body in half to use in the conversion below. 

I was surprised at how uncommon these particular miniatures are or at least how scarce they are on eBay.  I should qualify that, scarce at the price that I was willing to pay.  While I had resigned myself to make an investment in this collection I still wasn't going to pay the outrageous prices that sometimes occur on eBay.  I exercised some patience and over the last 6 months I managed to pick up the 3 tech guys.  I'm still debating on if I should consider the converted guy or pick up a whole version.

I'm also going to do take this opportunity to  do some paint and color tests.  Over the last year or so I've manged to get several copies of my favorite chaos warrior figures from the Marauder line.  Its a bit odd actually, this guy used to make the occasional appearance on eBay but recently he has been readily available which has afforded me the opportunity to pick up a few more copies.  My game plan is to try some different base/undercoat color tests for the red areas on these figures to compare the results.

 Clearly I have a problem when it comes to this one!

As you can see each has a different base coat and my intent is to also play around with some yellow and brown bases as well.  Now all that is left is to start slapping on some paint!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

I'm Back!

“I'm back (back) the fog has lifted
The earth has shifted and raised the gifted
You knew I'd be back so pack your bone 
And hit the road jack cause daddy's home!” Kid Rock Forever

Couldn’t have put it any better, thanks Richie.  In my 2017 wrap up I mentioned that I moved.  The holiday week was very helpful and I managed to get some time to unpack.  The new hobby area/man cave is ridiculous!

I still have a bit more to unpack and organizing but I'm inching closer every day.  I did get some new shelves cut from foam board to hold the bins for the painting queue items and got them lined up.

The paint tower is looking a little sparse, I need to go though and check all the stock and make sure it is still good.  Paint should be flying soon.  

I actually got some modeling work done on the new Car Wars/Dark Future project, some big rigs!

That picture is just a tease I'll cover that project in more detail soon.  I think that the first big project of 2018 will actually be a unit made up of all the champions of Khorne that I have finally collected.

Again just a teaser picture!  I also had a productive run at the used bookstore where I manager to pick up a copy of Imperial Assault for less than $50.

Looks like 2018 holds some painting of Star Wars figures.  That's it for now, more meaningful posts coming soon.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 In Review

It appears to be popular to have a year in review post, here is my go at it.

2017 Goals-My biggest goal for 2017 was to simply get back into the hobby.  I felt like I had been lurking/trolling the Oldhammer blogs for far too long and needed to get active.  The easiest was to pick up the paint brush again and start knocking out my ridiculous amount of unpainted lead.  I wasn't nearly as productive as I had wanted to be.  I will take a little bit of the blame but I'll also pass a little bit of the blame on buying a new house and moving.  I have to apologize to Orlygg, when he fell of the blogging horse for awhile due to a house purchase I was silently a little indignant.  I mean whats the big deal, all you did was move.  Yea, it turns out that moving is a very big deal!  I'm not sure what his situation was but I had 22 years of stuff to go through, and I'm fairly confident that my wife and I never threw anything away!  It has literally consumed me for the last 6 months between finding a new house, getting the old house ready to sell, getting everything packed up, moved, and while we are in the new house we aren't anywhere close to getting unpacked.  But I've been hard at work on the new hobby room/man cave!

Productivity wise it looks like I managed to get 32 posts in this year which is close to my weekly/52 posts goal, at least better than 50%!  So I'm pretty psyched with those results.  Painting performance was not as productive but still better than nothing.  I managed to get a few old hammer figures done, particularly a Jes Goodwin Ogre, some of the Oldhammer inspired Eru-Kin mins by Diehard Miniatures, and a few Rogue Trader mins.  I'm very disappointed that I didn't get a chance to partake in Orctober or Deadcember but these were right in the middle of all the house moving.  On a positive note it gives me a goal for 2018.

2018 Goals-  First and foremost, getting the hobby/gaming/man cave set up!  Good news is that I've already done a lot of work on it so the paint should be flying soon!  A shout out to Chico who has inspired me to jump into the WW2/Weird War 2/Konflikt 47 with some Warlord Games and Dust Tactics miniatures.  I also have a large pile of Oldhammer chaos champions to get into.  And lastly some Sci-Fi mins from several companies.  Lets hope that 2018 is productive!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Is that an Earthquake? Nope just an OGRE!

Well Christmas has come a little early to the new house, I received a package on the front steps Saturday.

For those that didn’t partake, this is the OGRE plastic miniatures Kickstarter that Steve Jackson Games did earlier this year.

I’ve always loved this game and still have my original plastic pocket boxed set with the original chits.

Being a miniature enthusiast, I was thrilled when Ral Partha announced they would be doing a metal mins set for the game.  I think these were actually released by Martian Metals first and then re-released by Ral Partha.  Some if not all were new sculpts.  I cannot say I remember ever seeing the Martian Metals in any of the Hobby Shops I frequented as a kid.  Unfortunately, the Ral Partha release didn’t last long due to a falling out between the two companies.  The line abruptly stopped.  I have a couple Mk V's painted up but I cannot seem to find any pictures of them and who knows where they are in the mess of hobby moving boxes!

Then SJG did the miniatures themselves and released them in the innovative VHS tape boxes.  A cool idea but not very practical since you couldn’t put the Ogre’s in without removing the towers.  I picked up a few over the years but didn’t dive in like I should have because this line of figures went the way of the Dodo as well.   

I’m kicking myself for not picking up a MK VI or a Ninja!

When I saw the Kickstarter I had to jump in.  Would have been nice as part of the Kickstarter to have more Ogre only options, I did manage to get several of the glow in the dark Mk III and V add-ons.  I've already committed to the 2nd set Kickstarter, they have me hooked.  Can’t wait to get the painting desk set up and get started on these guys!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

To slotta tab or not, is that the question?

A while back in one of my Mining for Warpstone installments I mentioned my semi obsession with collecting all the Khorne champions from the classic 1991 Catalogue page.  I haven’t been psychotic about this goal and it certainly isn’t as ambitious as trying to collect the McDeath set of figures or the Lichmaster set but it fit my “need to collect” addiction so off I went.

I’m now down to just two, the first guy first row and first guy last row.  They seem to be relatively available and I was about to buy one of them and noticed that the slota-tab was missing.  I would assume that it was removed for better basing options.  My question for the community is this; is that missing tab a big deal?

I’m more a painter than an investor/collector so the “pristineness” of the figure isn’t a major concern for me.  I don’t have to have one in the Mint In Blister condition.  For that matter it doesn’t have to be bare metal either.  I’ve even purchased a damaged miniature or two for conversion work, you know that model you would love to do a weapon swap on but cannot bring yourself to clip off the original.  For some reason the missing tab caused me some pause.  Could be due to my reliance on the slotta-tab basing method. I honestly haven’t based but a meager handful of figures in any other way.  That will soon change with my recent Space Raiders purchases but they a several weeks if not months away from that stage.  So it begs me to ask for input and discussion amongst the group to make sure I’m not losing touch with reality. 

Is a slotta-tab really a part of the miniature?  Is it still mint if it is missing the tab?  Do you use them or cut them off.  What are your thoughts!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Waiting

“The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part” Tom Petty The Waiting.

Thanks to Tom and the boys for the intro to this blogg post, his talent will be missed.  I mentioned earlier that we are in the process of buying a new home, that was supposed to be wrapped up a week ago and due to a variety of issues will now not happen until later.  To be honest I’ve been too tired/lazy to get back on the painting horse since I still have a portable paint bench set up with a few miniatures.  I motivated myself a little and tackled a couple of items on the painting table and got them "greenstuffed" along the seams and primed a couple but nothing worth posting.  Thus this is a very light post, more of a look at what I picked up.  Once the move is complete I should get some painted posts going.

First up are a couple of the original LOTR Urik-Hai that I picked up at a reasonable price.

Along with some Marauder Chaos Dwarves to add to the ever growing collection.  I only needed the middle guy in my quest to complete the set but I love the other two sculpts so much I just had to!

Been chasing this C23 Jes Goodwin Ogre for awhile and grabbed him off ebay for a steal.  Looking forward to getting the hobby area set up so I can get some paint on him.

Monday, September 4, 2017

WIP/Prep work and Moving Woes

Getting prepared for a house move has caused some interruptions to my Mining for Lead series and my hobby life in general.  I still have a few more posts to get out with Humans, some Beasts of Chaos and a few odd mins before I wrap it up.  In my rush to be proactive and start packing up the house early I have come to realize that most of my miniatures are boxed up and in a storage unit and thus not readily accessible for blogg pictures.  Good news is the new house will have an incredible area for me to use as a painting area and gaming room!  So I'll just have to put some of those posts on hold for the next month or two.  I'll switch gears to my prep work for my recent Diehard and Space Raiders miniature buying sprees from their very successful kickstarter campaigns.  I finally got off my butt and ordered some green stuff, picked them up on Amazon due to a gift card birthday gift.  Decided to pick up a very inexpensive wax carver/dental pick set as well as a Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a in 1/48 for my Dust/Konflikt/Bolt Action forces.  Came to less than $20 for the lot.  As a side note, wow the greenstuff was very fresh!  I guess I've been using very old stuff as of late given how much softer this new tube is.

First up is a batch of Eldar Dreadnoughts, yes I know they call them Wraithlords or whatever now a days but they were Dreadnoughts back in the 80's.  I had some joint filling to do since I put them in more dramatic poses than the static "at attention" from the catalogues and WD ads.

The next grouping are some of Diego's Space Raiders figures, the space fimir and cyber Minotaurs.  Just some basic gap filling here and there.  I'm looking forward to getting some paint on them!

More to come as well as I jump back into the Dark Future/Car Wars work with a semi tractor trailer and some other cool car bashing and painting!  The move should be done by the end of the month so I hope to be back with some paint work.