Friday, April 7, 2017

Used Bookstore Goodness!

Once again the used bookstore shopping pays off!  I absolutely love Half Price Books, a Dallas Texas based chain of used bookstores that occasionally carries new releases at a discounted price.  They have several locations here in Ohio.  I have indulged heavily over the years in their paperback books with 30+ of the Horus Heresy novels, their used magazine section with 50+ back issues of White Dwarf, untold OOP games like WHFB, WHFRP, D&D, and as of late several new boxed games like Munchkin Cthulhu and X-wing at a nice discount.  One of them has actually started carrying used miniatures.  Not only does this place typically sell books for 50% of their original price but they do coupon sales every few months that run a week starting with a 20% off one item on Monday and cumulating on Sunday with a 50% off one item!  And this last Sunday was one of those days!  Lately I’m been striking out with the Horus Novels, they just aren’t getting them in like they used to, but I did have some miniature luck with a box of Dust Tactics Heavy Red Command.  

I picked up for $5.00 for my someday Weird War II project.

I also managed to get a copy of In Her Majesty’s Name by Osprey for $4.50.  I'm excited to give this a read.  Any comments on it's contents would be appreciated.

The biggest jackpot was at my last stop where I stumbled upon a treasure trove of original run Traveller books by Marc Miller.  I cut my teeth on the D&D blue boxed set as a pre-middle schooler and being a Sci-Fi fan jumped on board the Traveler game shortly their after.  I still have the original boxed set from 78 pictured here along with the newly acquired Book 0 An Introduction To

I loved the thought of some space adventuring but quickly came to realization that the game was probably beyond my attention span for my age.  It was a tremendous amount of work to get into it and I didn’t have a gaming group to encourage me along so my interest petered out.  I never bought more than the original boxed set with Books 1-3.  I stumbled upon several of the original Books and managed to pick Book 0 which is an introductory book from the deluxe boxed set along with Books 4-Mercenary, 5-High Guard, and 6-Scouts.

Also Single Adventure 1 The Kinunir, Double Adventure 1 Mission on M and Double Adventure 2 Shadows.  Now that my collection is fleshed out some I’ll have to spend some time re-reading these classics.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mining for Lead-Orcs

This mining session focuses on the big green guys, Orcs.  After discovering that I had to have some Orc Units in order to field my Goblins due to the old Warhammer Armies minimum requirements, I started filling the boyz unit requirement with the Warhammer Fantasy Regiment.  A big box of plastic miniatures seems like old hat nowadays with all the plastic sets that are available but that wasn’t the case back in the 80’s.

This was the first of its kind with a massive 60 figures per box!  I would say the biggest drawback is that they were spread over 6 different races: Orcs, Goblins, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Dwarves, and Skaven.  It worked out great if you had a friend to trade unwanted races with. 

Again this is pre internet and ebay so it wasn’t as easy to get rid of unwanted figures as it is now.  I did manager to trade some of my extras off or use some of the odds and ends like Stuntie heads on banners and such.  as previously posted I used the goblins to round out Sticker's unit.

Next up is the box of Harbroths Orc Archers to fulfill the Arrer Boyz requirement in the armies list.

Back in the day you could also have crossbows so I proceed to pick up a few of them as well.  

Next boxed set pick up was the Orc War Wyvern. 

Some minor conversion work with the horns reversed and a green stuff tongue.  I selected the lance figure as the rider and utilized the other as my unit leader for my Boar Riders.  Since I mentioned them here they are. 

I wasn’t much of a Citadel boar fan but when Marauder released their boars I decided to dive into a unit or two.  The riders are a mix of Marauder and Citadel figures.  I had intentions to have a unit of Savage Boar riders as well but I haven’t gotten around to collecting all of the necessary figures.  

Here is the heavy support a spear chuckers and a few rock lobbers with appropriate crews. I guess the Iron Claw stone thrower is technically a goblin unit but I threw it in with the others.

I’d love to get a hold of the Man Mangler and Lead Belcher boxed sets but I’ve never been able to find them within a price range of my liking, it’s always good to have some goals to strive for.  

Last up is one of my favorite units, they are Marauder Orcs.  I love their look with an Asian/Mongolian  influence and have used them as an allied Hobgoblin unit at times over the years.  I would like to get a few more to bulk up their numbers.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Unearthing of Treasures-Mining for Lead

 I’m a little off pace with the posting, I think I’m now 2-3 weeks off schedule.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and to be honest I’m in a rut with the painting.  Just haven’t been able to get the momentum going on the brushes since the start of the new year.  Instead of pushing myself back to the painting desk I decided on a different approach.

Why not talk about stuff I’ve already painted!  It started off with Diego’s Greenskin Wars Kickstarter prompting me into investigating my current Orc and Goblin army.  I wanted to be thoughtful in what I bought instead of just buying one of everything!  As I sorted the various boxes of lead I decided to be smart and use technology for an assist.  I repeatedly see fellow gamers mention their surprise upon stumbling on miniatures that they had forgotten they owned.  In conjunction with the assessment of my collection I decided to take pictures of each unit.  They certainly helped a somewhat, shall we say slower memory in keeping up with the inventory!  A side benefit is that I have pictures of my collection to post.  They say that a picture can say a thousand words, so I will let them!

Orcs and Goblins are my first true love of Warhammer and Citadel Miniatures!  My first Citadel slota-base figures were from a pack of the Citadel Collectors Series Goblin Raiders 1605 which contained a goblin archer and in my opinion one of the most iconic fantasy images of all time, a Goblin Wolfrider!  Both sculpted by the greatest greenskin sculptor ever Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams!  He also did most if not all of Diego's Greenskin Wars line.

JRRT helped set that fantasy image in my head along with Rankin and Bass. 

The most recent movies of the LotR and Hobbit series just cemented it.  

I had been a bit of a hodgepodge collector prior to that, snapping up the odd Superior or Grenadier or Ral Partha model.  Really whatever caught my eye or imagination.  Once I laid eyes on these guys I was hooked and I horded goblins especially wolfriders.  I then got my hands on a copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WHFB) 3rd and the companion Warhammer Armies book and was dismayed to see that there wasn’t a standalone goblin force.  One of the only positive things that happened with 4th edition was the splitting of the two groups.  Naturally I picked up a few of the bigger fellows so I was legal.  Again I gravitated towards the fantastical and got into the Orc Boar Riders, a second place finisher to the wolfriders as a fantasy image. From there the horde grew with boxed sets from the ground breaking plastic Warhammer Regiments, Harboth's Orc Archers, Machineries of Destruction Goblin Battle Chariots, Skull Crusher, and the Wyvern Rider.  I'll start off with the little green fellas since they are my favorite and show the rest of the green hoard over a few posts.

First up are the Wulf Boyz, they are a combination of Citadel and Marauder wolves and riders

Their heavy support, the wolf chariots.  These are a combination of Citadel and Iron Claw models.  I have a couple more awaiting paint.

As previously mentioned the unpainted Iron Claw chariots

Next up are the Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Plastic goblins with their patron saint on the banner!  It was the 80's after all!  Note the plastic Dwarf regiment head on the banner.

Here are some additional units of spears.

A custom built hero on a spider.  The Spider is actually the lower section of a Dryder from Grenadier that I had from my youth. A little green stuff and the horns off the plastic regiment dwarf helmet and instant giant spider!

Some Fanatics and a shaman which I actually think is from Heartbreaker but I honestly don't recall.

Some of the 4th edition clubber and netters, a few of the net handlers are actually 2 figures sculpted together on a single base.

A pair of the mighty Skull Krushers, less the crews which must be in another box someplace.

I included the snotlings pump wagon with the goblins.  I cant claim the paint job on this one, I found it at a used book store a few dollars and had to snap it up.

A second one awaiting assembly and paint.  There is the full compliment of snotling riders along with the famous/infamous little guy flipping the bird!

I this odd shot of some extra bits, back in the day when there was the Bitz Service I ordered the pump wagon sides and upper deck to kit out a lower body that I already had.  It took them 3 tries before they finally got it right sending me the lower deck and left side twice instead of the upper and both sides.  I'm sure I can figure out something to do with them!  Big Green Guys up next.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kicking some Space Butt! Or a review of Space Raiders 2 mins.

As I mentioned earlier I receive my much anticipated package of Diego’s Space Raiders 2 Kickstarter mins a few weeks ago.  I pulled a few out to get onto painting stands to proceed with gluing and painting.  As promised here is a review of a few of the miniatures from the package. 

I decided to grab out 5 of the figures to paint up a small crew.  I had to get two of the Picsean figures out since they were my main motivator behind supporting the Kickstarter in the first place.  These are actually from his first Kickstarter which I missed out on.  Lucky for me he made them available through the second campaign.  

I decided to stay old school or better put “Oldrogue” and stick with some of the similarly themed Rogue Trader mins from the package.  I grabbed two of the Minotaur in Space figures.  Rounding out the party is the cyber ork with the Predator style shoulder cannon.  Seems like a well-rounded landing/excursion party.  Review wise I couldn’t be happier with the figures.  They are very crisp casts, hats off to whoever Diego is using to mold and cast these up!  I only had one figure that had any signs of flash, one of the bulls around his naughty bits.  

 I can carefully perform a “flashectomy” with a Xacto knife so not a major issue.  If I were to be critical, and I mean really nitpicky critical, my only complaint would be the bases or lack thereof.  More specifically the slota-tabs.  Not that I am huge fan of slota-tabs but it does give you something to hold onto when putting them on a painting stand or a base.  GWS has lulled me into accepting that all figures would have them resulting in my total lack of pin basing skills.  Again I was feeling adventurous and with reckless abandon I jumped right in and was able to get the larger models attached without issue.  As long as you don’t count the fact that I drilled all the way through one of the Minotaur’s hooves!  

No worries it is a very easy “green stuffing” fix.  I'm not sure what the metal mix is on these figures but they were very easy to drill, somewhere between old soft lead and the very hard tin mixes, again well done to whoever is casting these!  The fishboys were/are more of an issue.  Again partially on me.  My smallest pin drill to date is 1/16 of an inch which sounds small but is nearly as big as the feet of the Picsean. 

Way too large to drill/pin the feet for attaching to a base or stand.  Easiest solution is get off my lazy butt and get a mico drill set, which I will certainly get prior to permanently attaching them to a base.  My quick solution is the clothespin base I made for the Diehard Miniatures Son of Slomm figure.

This will get me started while I look into micro drills.  Again overall I am delighted with the quality of the figures from the sculpts to the casting to the character.  All of them are incredible and I’m looking forward to my Pantheon of Chaos figures, my Greenskin Wars figures, and my Space Raiders 3!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Project Fimir-Support

As any fan of the old Fimir models know, they are moderately scarce and at times command ridiculously expensive prices.  It can be financially daunting if your trying to assemble a unit let alone a army!  There are a few alternative models out there but not many and not as closed in design to the originals as I would like.  One option is to do something similar to Mr Saturday’s Fimir Project and create some models through kit basing and sculpting/producing my own heads.  I would really like to take that route but let’s be honest, I’ve had these figures for well over 6-8 years so if I wait to do that this army will never get done.  Another option is some allies to bulk out the army.  One of my thoughts was that a unit of lizardmen would be a great fit.  The Fimir are bog/swamp dwellers so what better choice than some fellow swamp denizens: alligators!

Enter the great Sebeki by Crocodile Games from their Aegyptus game system.

I picked up a few of these over the last couple of years.  Chris Fitzpatrick’s sculpts are fantastic and I’ve really liked these since I first laid eyes on them.  This turns out to be a great way to utilize them without having to get into a new system.  They do have a bit more Egyptian feel/iconography than I would like so I will have to decide if can remove most of that and remodel them or just live with it.  These are not as ready for paint as I originally thought.  The one fellow needs his weapon glued, a few need a little “green stuffing” around seams and joints, and I need to evaluate the basing.

The 25mm’s seem a bit small and as you can see from the size comparison the line troops are almost as big as the Fimir which are on 40mm’s.

The Beloved of Sobek figure is actually very large and is definitely appropriate for a 40mm.  They also didn’t rank up well at all on the smaller bases.  I’m not planning on painting these until 2nd quarter or later so I have some time to get the base issues figured out. The Fimir and their allies should see paint in the near future!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Project Fimir-Trooper and Color Test

This is the last figure of the Fimir unit that I've been posting about recently.  This fellow has the distinction of being the only non-converted figure in the group.  And for good reason, he is the only figure that isn’t a knock off re-cast.  As I mentioned in my starting post this whole project sprung out of my frustration with an ebay purchase that turned out to be re-cast figures.  I had originally purchased the very same head/body/tail combination of warlord with axe and mace with a Head 1 and Tail 1 back in the day when they were still in production.  

So in honor of his authenticity I decided to leave him unmodified.  This is the original pose that all the other models are based off of.  I did an initial color test on this lad to see if I liked a blue skinned look and to be honest I don’t know that I care for it. 

Now truth be told I haven’t given it any washes or additional work in years.  That might improve it to my eye, but I'm still not sure I'll go this route. 

I’m going to do some more research on line and specifically study the wonderful WD spread that has painted models in it and see what I have in the paint rack to match.

 I’m thinking, as bog dwellers that they probably would have evolved with earth tones like brown or tan or light green.  I welcome any input!