Friday, August 5, 2016

Oldhammer 40K or Rogue Trader 40k or Old Trader or Roguehammer?

I'm not sure that there has been an official moniker placed on the older 40k mins as we have done with Oldhammer other than Rogue Trader 40k so that will be what I go with.  On the G+ Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Style community Basher Smasher posed some old WD/Compendium pages awhile back that featured RT era Eldar Dreadnoughts/Wraithlords and it immediately renewed my interest in the old Space Elves.  

So off on a buying mission I went.  My goal was to keep it to under $10 each.  I hit ebay and was able to get, 5 RT era dreds, 2 what I will call 2nd ed dreds (they have the under slung hand weapons and the shoulder mounted heavy weapon, and 2 war walkers for a total of $82.99 across 5 different auctions.  That included shipping so a whopping average of $9.22 per min!  And one of the RT era mins was still in its blister, ah Chico would be proud.  So I was able to stick to my guns and keep within my spending goals. Now all I have to do is strip down the painted and glued mins.  Now off to located some foot troops.