Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Paint at Last

My apologies for lack of posting.  I’ve been struggling with Blogger and my internet connection and have been unable to get pictures to upload.  Not sure what the issue was but things just weren’t playing nicely with each other.  So here is a long delayed post about my dive back into painting with some Dark Future/Car Wars miniatures:

Well after weeks if not months of procrastination it has finally happened, paint at last!  Here is my very modest foray back into painting, it is just a start but better movement than nothing.  I have reached the very harsh reality that age is catching up with me, or at least my eyesight!  Wow it was a major pain trying to paint with my bifocals on.  I’ll have to try some alternatives to them, either a jewelers visor or maybe reading glasses.  I started off with the Dark Future/Car Wars vehicles. I figured it was a good way to get my feet wet without botching a job that I would regret.  If my skills are not up to snuff yet then worst case they get turned into rough Mad Max style road warrior vehicles.

This group shot doesn’t show much detail but gives you a rough look at how far I’ve progressed.

Poor lighting doesn't allow much interior detail but seats have basic brown and black detailing.  Even more discouraging is that once I put the windshield back in you really can’t see any of the interior detail!  As you can see form this shot, man what a letdown!

To be honest I’m not sure that in the future I will even bother with painting the interior as you can see from these two shots you cannot see much!  They are 95%+ done with some work to do on the metal highlights on weapons and then some weathering and muddling.  I went through my metallic paints and unfortunately not a one of them was usable so off to the hobbyshop I go to get some fresh updates.  Any suggestions on good paints is greatly appreciated.