Saturday, September 24, 2016

Project Fimir-Standard

Again based off the same Fimir warlord figure.  A little less conversion on this one.
Cut the right arm off, re-positioned it lower and did a weapons head swap with the mace that is typically in the left hand.  Removed the left weapon for the standard.  Head is a simple cutting of the original crest and replacing it with the topknot from an Ork plastic head.
The banner started off as, yep you guessed it one of my wife's earrings.  See a pattern here?  To be honest, they are a great base for a variety of things so you should always give them a look when your significant other drags you out on a shopping trip.  One piece of advice, it is always better to buy them specifically for this purpose and not after she has acquired them to wear!  The hand at the top is from a 2nd generation Bloodthirster and some cheap chain.  Another great source for chain is costume jewelry or in this case a gumball machine.  For a stretch there they were selling this very cheap jewelry in the prize ball and for 50 cents, you cannot beat them for modeling!   I wanted the shaft of the standard to look like it was made out of bones.  It is a two piece with the lower section being made out of brass tubing covered with bits from a variety of skeleton and zombie kits.  The upper part is a brass rod covered with the same bits.  It fits in and out of the brass tubing so that I can remove it to store separately.   The skulls hanging from the chain are from the 40k Khorne Berserker set.  Overall an easy conversion which should be fun to paint.