Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Project Fimir-Musician

Similar to the standard bearer, this guy was again a pretty easy conversion job.  
 Lowered the left arm, re-positioned and then added the femur drum stick from a 3rd generation of Golgfag's Ogre Mercenaries. 
The same model supplied the drum on his side as well.  Similar head conversion as the standard bearer, just a different topknot from what I think is a Chaos Space Marine head.  The weapon is a chaos sword from a chaos knight.  I have not been able to source the origin on that one yet and to be honest not sure if I will keep it or swap it out for a different sword.   
Overall I like the conversions.  I only wish that I had the unarmored head so I could make some copies of it and do some additional conversion work for variety.  I'd also like some tail variety but I don’t see that in my future.  Not bad for a group of figures that I had initially written off as junk due to their re-cast status.