Friday, October 14, 2016

Project Fimir-Trooper

Thanks to Matt from Oldenhammer in Toronto for prompting me post some more, busy week so I've fallen behind some.  Matt has recently posted some great Old School stuff (Battletech Mins) and just today a great Oldhammer post about the wonderful Lichemaster himself, Heinrich Kemler! 

Back when I sent Mr Saturday pics to post on his blog some time ago I totally forgot this guy!   A very simple conversion.  Dropped the arms and did a weapons swap out for twin axes.  Head work is an addition of 3 topknots, I had an image of him looking into the wind with the top knots flowing like some cheap romance novel cover!  

One final guy to follow this one, interesting he is actually an authentic Fimir Lord and not one of the recasts like his fellow and all his predecessors.  He is also a very crude color test so I'm interested in feedback since I finally intend to get paint on these guys!