Thursday, October 6, 2016

Project Fimir-Background

On my quest to collect the Fimir models I stumbled upon this little gem.  

It is Warpstone's special Fimir dedicated issue 25.  For those of you who aren't into WHFRP 1st edition this is a fanzine for that system and has some great material in it.  Unfortunately it appears that they ceased production at issue 30.  As a side note:  Fantasy Flight Games has ended all of its licensed Games Workshop properties, I wonder what the future holds for WHFRP?   I've found various copies of Warstone here and there over time.  Undoubtedly I'm sure that there are some digitized copies on the web if you do some searching.  Anyways I found the sample excerpts of this online and had to get my hands on a hard copy.  Turns out that same year I discovered it I was at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio and one of the vendors had a new copy.  What a great score for me!  Has some interesting background in it that was originally intended for a WHFRP module that never saw the light of day under the previous license holders of the 1st edition rules.  If you’re a Fimir fan get a copy it is well worth it. 

There is also some background in White Dwarf #102.  All good sources.  I won't go into all the history and issues with the Fimir over the years, there are plenty of online sources that do a much better job than I can retelling their history.