Monday, June 26, 2017

Mining for Warpstone-My venture into the chaotic!

This series of Mining for Lead features my chaos forces.  I fell under the sway of chaos at an early age due to once again the Citadel Collector Range of miniatures.  These were my first real exposure to Citadel miniatures, I did have access to the pre slotta base figures via the Ral Partha distribution but to be honest they never caught my eye much.  The local hobby shop, the Tin Soldier in Dayton Ohio, began to carry the Collector series and as mentioned in the Goblin and Orc mining posts I was quickly attracted to the goblin blister with the archer and spear toting wolf rider.  As they expanded the line so did my collecting interests.  I happened to stumble upon the 1200 series of blisters, specifically the 1208 Chaos Knights.  What a great package of miniatures.  Big,  bulky, armored giants with great design and flair.  My favorite is Ulfhedhnar the Destroyer with the animal skull on his head and pelt on his back.  First off, great name!  Second great character in the sculpting of this figure. 

His blister mate is Utokh Vilespike with the halberd.  Here are my 1980's painted versions. I'm guessing i was 16 ish when I painted these.  Note the old Arcane Armorials water slide transfers.  Might be time for a strip and update!

After these guys I was was in a tug of war between buying up greenskins and dabbling in the taint of chaos.  Then I made the full leap and committed to the Four Powers with the release of Realm of Chaos (RoC) Slaves to Darkness (StD).

The cover drew me in.  Being a football player, that is real football as in American Football,  I was immediately drawn to violence of the Khorne the Blood God.  

This is my beloved tome, with a custom book cover for protection!

I mean how could you not just run out and buy these miniatures with spreads and imagery like this!


I decided to break my army up into smaller groups to make it more manageable.  I'll start off with the demonic forces first since they are my most painted units.  Then some warriors and beastmen.  Until the next post!