Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mining for Warpstone Chaos Demons/Deamons Part 1 Big Dogs

Well this troop type is certainly the most entertaining of the miniatures lines and the one for me that has the most paint.  When ROC came out I was floored and fascinated by their look and design.  I quickly fell to the sway of the chaotic powers!  In this part I will present some of the big dogs (all puns intended), the greater demons of Khorne.  First up is the guy that started it all for me, one of the original ROC Bloodthirsters.

In my most humble opinion this is the iconic image for Khorne.  The design with this helmet has been illustrated numerous times in countless publications around the ROC era.  A similar, smaller plastic version appeared in a Heroquest expansion.  With the ROC releases GWS started to get into the multi part metal kits with a variety of bodies, heads, weapons, etc… allowing you to customize figures without the pain of hacking into them or in my case getting totally frustrated by your utter lack of sculpting skills.   

I was a huge fan of the Bloodthirsters and lived by the adage of “if one is good two must be better!” and I ended up buying several of the Bloodthirsters over the years until I had every combination of parts. 

They only ever released 6 heads for the models and well that just didn’t sit well with me given Khorne’s sacred number of 8 so I did a couple of conversions.

Now there might be a few purists that cringe with my mixture of ROC era and later parts but I’m sure they will get over it!  I also have the head and ruff from Arbaal the Undefeated's fleshhound mount that I can use if I ever pick up an additional body.  My future plans are to have each of these bad boys painted up with their own unit of underling Bloodletters as well some secondary units like flesh hounds, warriors, thugs or beastmen.  Up next will be another Bloodthirster that I am particularly proud of!