Saturday, June 3, 2017

Model and Product Review-Proxie Models Bases

I haven't done a product review yet so lets give it a go.  I  had a post where I lamented about my dilemma in choosing bases for the new Space Raiders mins I recently received from a couple of different kickstarter campaigns.  As I searched I found several great options and was about to purchase a coupe packs of pre-sculpted bases when I stumbled upon these bases from Proxie Models.

They were very reasonably priced and most importantly they were hexes!  In multiple sizes to boot!  I grabbed packs of 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm, hexes and a 6 pack of chariot bases or 50mm x 100mm.  I had noticed while photographing my Goblins that that several of the bases for my chariots were in very poor shape so why not throw them in as well.  Best part was the price, $22.80 delivered!  Let's see how they compare.

This picture has a Citadel Round to the left of the Proxie 30mm Hex and a vintage Citadel Hex to the right along with the 40 and 50mm Proxie's in the back.  Overall I like the look.

Here we have an old GWS hex base from the era along with a 30mm Proxie Model.  As you can see there is a thickness difference.  The Proxie is about 3.5 mm and the GWS model is 4-4.5mm thick.  The larger bases are a bit thinner more like 3 mm.  I would have like a little more thickness to work with pins but I think they will work.

Here are a couple of the Space Raider Picsean Warriors based up, I did not pin them I just directly glued them on.  The fit is good and looks like I have a winner.  I'll have to check the larger models once I get them painted up.