Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mining for Lead-Undead Part 5 Support Units

The support units for the shambling horde.

The wonderfully destructive chariots from the Army box.  Great figures, I will have to review the bases and decide if they need changed out to the Proxie Min bases.

Some old school carrion units with their wraith riders.  I decided to mount them on traditional flight bases and then onto 50mm squares to improve their stability.  They tended to flop over with just the old flight stands.  I also have a couple of skull chuckers and crew to paint up as well as another chariot.

On the previously mentioned trip across the pond I picked up at Plague Cart to add to the support group.

I would like to get a hold of the boxed set that had the chariot, skull chucker, and the miscellaneous characters in it as well as Arkhan's 4 horse chariot to add to the collection.  I haven't seen either on ebay for awhile, ah well some day!