Thursday, July 2, 2015

Decisions, decisions

Well after much internal debate, at least I don’t think I was talking out loud, I landed on the following: I'm going to do a Wrap It Up project and a New Stuff project. The Wrap It Up will be something that has just lingered around my painting desk left partially finished.  The New Stuff will be something starting from scratch.  Let the beatings, I mean fun begin.


Wrap It Up

Well these poor bastiches have been sitting for a while now and need to be wrapped up so they can join their brethren.  These two C23 Jes G Ogres are late additions to the collection.  Instead of re-painting them I simply enhanced their original paint jobs.  The Samurai Ogre got a white face and a paint up to look like Tujiro the Kabuki Vampire from Grendel Comic fame and a touch up of some other areas.  The other one is the Bounty Hunter figure, it was just a touch up and repaints of a few detailed areas.  So these are the first guys up.  Should be a quick project.  Then onto the trolls and demons in the background, but more on them when it's their turn.


New project!

I had to go Dark Future/Car Wars after catching the latest Mad Max movie.  I loved the original and have been stealing Hotwheels from my sons for over two decade now so it is about time to do something with them.  I have also sporadically been attending the Origins Game Fair for the last 8 to 10 years and have always made it a point to stop by the Iron Winds booth which is the Ral Partha company of my childhood.  As a side note living here in Ohio I was able to visit them in my early 20s and actually got to meet Julie Guthrie and Tom Meier while I was down there.  What a great group of people!  But I digress, I always hit their booth because they typically have loose bit and pieces from their Battletech line of mins for sale.  So I have tons of little turrets and missile pods and whatnot that I horded for the day I started converting Hotwheels!  Oh what a day, what a lovely day!