Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wrap It Up c23 Ogres and MM40 Marauder Trolls

I've done some touch up work on the ogres and I'm getting their bases ready.  I decided to throw theses two beauties into the first group. The last two of my complete set of Marauder Trolls.  In my humble opinion the best of all the slots-base era trolls.  They were as close as the Ogres to being complete.  And yes that is indeed the fabled pink troll with purple polka dots of legend.  Not sure if I imagined the story of the drunk dwarf stumbling into the tavern ranting about running into a pink troll with purple polka dots or if that was actually a bit of Warhammer fiction that I read someplace but I thought it would be humorous.  Seems to fit in with the mentality of the Oldhammer era.  A few final adjustments and base work then off to the clear coating.