Friday, July 3, 2015

WD Luck

I have always been a big fan of the White Dwarf (WD) since I was a kid.  I would sit in the local hobby shop and read it right off the rack!  This was the pre-subscription in the US days when the only place you could buy it was at a local shop.  I was blessed with one that was only about 30 mile from my home town called The Tin Soldier.  A great gaming/hobby shop that had everything Citadel, including WD’s.  I set out at an early age to collect them and stated getting a subscription somewhere in the issue 90-95 range.  I remember getting the flexi-disc insert issue back in the day.  I subscribed for about 15+ years and stopped around 2010 due to a cost vs value analysis I did and just decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.  There was little to no content.  The magazine had drifted a long way from their heyday of the mid 80’s issues up to about 200 or so.  That run was full of useful into like army lists, back ground, and who could forget the Eavy Metal sections!  It was a great value and visually stunning.  In the last decade or so it really wasn’t much beyond a publication that announced upcoming releases and had pretty pictures of them.  Don’t get me wrong I do like some of those pretty pictures, especially that run where they were putting in pictures of entire sprues.  Those were very useful. For the most part I just didn't look forward to reading it like I used to.

Lately with them stopping the monthly issues,  renumbering and going to a weekly issue I decided to try and complete my collection up through when they stopped.  By my best guess that is either issue 408/December 2013 or 409/January 2014.  I have everything from issue 11 (1-10 are way out of my price range) up to 365.  From there to the 408/409 mark I have a few holes.  I have had a lot of luck searching local used bookstores here in Ohio and typically get them for 50 cents to $1.00.  That is way less than the sticker price.  I have just recently closed the gap to 10 missing issues with this latest haul.  What a lucky find!  I will continue to slog away at it