Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kicking Butt!

Unfortunately for my wallet I stumbled upon Kickstarter back in early 2016.  It has a been a great source of "new old" mins and a real boon for my miniature collectionIt has also motivated me and kicked my painting back into gear.  While I’ve been somewhat idle blogging wise over the last month I haven’t just been sitting around!  Here are some WIP's of the mins from my first foray into Kickstarter from Diehard Miniatures’ first campaign.  

I saw some posts of Tim and company’s miniatures on a couple of different sites and simply had to have some.  I have always been a fan of WHFB Slann and the background of a star empire fallen into more savage times.  I picked up a couple of their frogs-in-space Eru-Kin.

My goal was to paint them up in a NASA white and orange space suit color scheme with a Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog pattern.

I don’t know that I stuck to the plan very well and I feel like the color palette got a bit larger than I wanted.  I'm also concerned that if I do the black banding on the exposed skin I'll loose some of the detail.  At this point they will only have a yellow skin tone.

I tried to pull it back and paint over some areas instead of stripping and repainting them.  I’m okay with their progress.

I’m struggling with getting the white to look the way I want.  I’m going to try and do some black lining and see how it turns out.  These guys are far from done but I hope to wrap them up well before the figures from the Diehard Kickstarter 2 arrive!