Sunday, January 1, 2017

Name Change!

Happy New Year!  Last blog of 2016 set up some goals for 2017, the last of which was to re-name the blog.  Full disclosure, that was a cheap softball goal given I had already done most of the work!  My wonderful wife often accuses me of having adult ADD so I chalk my entry into the blogosphere to this!  I got inspired by several of the Oldhammer blogs and jumped in with both feet.  I’m sure that we all what to have a witty, impressive blog title and I got busy brainstorming names but many great ones were already claimed: Realm of Chaos 80’s, Leadplague, Oldhammer in Toronto (if I was in the Great White North), Eldritch Epistles (not even sure what that means but Steve already laid claim to it!), etc…. I quickly devolved into writers block and came up with the wonderfully lackluster and underwhelming Miniature Assault.  Best I could come up with at the moment.  After a year I still hadn’t come up with much until I came across an article with a great quote and Wham there it was, the name I had been looking for.

Who was it that provided the new title?  None other than one of the greatest Roman military leaders and politicians, Julius Caesar.  What better person to grab a quote from.  Especially one that has a gaming link.  According to historians Suetonius and Frances Titchener, the Roman patrician pronouncement as he crossed the River Rubicon back into Roman territory "Alea iacta est" ("The die is cast") in reference to his future as he sought to become dictator.  Caesar was said to have borrowed the phrase from Meander, his favourite Greek writer of comedy; the phrase appears in “Ἀρρηφόρος” (Arrephoros,) (or possibly “The Flute-Girl”).  Regardless of where it came from I thought it would be a great blogg title.  So now it is so!  Well that is if I can figure out how to get the name changed on Blogger!  1 down 51 posts to go!