Sunday, January 29, 2017

Project Fimir-Support

As any fan of the old Fimir models know, they are moderately scarce and at times command ridiculously expensive prices.  It can be financially daunting if your trying to assemble a unit let alone a army!  There are a few alternative models out there but not many and not as closed in design to the originals as I would like.  One option is to do something similar to Mr Saturday’s Fimir Project and create some models through kit basing and sculpting/producing my own heads.  I would really like to take that route but let’s be honest, I’ve had these figures for well over 6-8 years so if I wait to do that this army will never get done.  Another option is some allies to bulk out the army.  One of my thoughts was that a unit of lizardmen would be a great fit.  The Fimir are bog/swamp dwellers so what better choice than some fellow swamp denizens: alligators!

Enter the great Sebeki by Crocodile Games from their Aegyptus game system.

I picked up a few of these over the last couple of years.  Chris Fitzpatrick’s sculpts are fantastic and I’ve really liked these since I first laid eyes on them.  This turns out to be a great way to utilize them without having to get into a new system.  They do have a bit more Egyptian feel/iconography than I would like so I will have to decide if can remove most of that and remodel them or just live with it.  These are not as ready for paint as I originally thought.  The one fellow needs his weapon glued, a few need a little “green stuffing” around seams and joints, and I need to evaluate the basing.

The 25mm’s seem a bit small and as you can see from the size comparison the line troops are almost as big as the Fimir which are on 40mm’s.

The Beloved of Sobek figure is actually very large and is definitely appropriate for a 40mm.  They also didn’t rank up well at all on the smaller bases.  I’m not planning on painting these until 2nd quarter or later so I have some time to get the base issues figured out. The Fimir and their allies should see paint in the near future!