Friday, May 12, 2017

Mining for Lead-Orc and Goblin Support

Well I am embarrassed to say that I totally forgot to post a few of my wonderful Orc and Goblin horde units.  First up are the acid barfing, regenerating trolls!

These are Marauder trolls from the MM 40 Line.

Two of them still need basing which could be a challenge since I'm not sure that I still have the product I used on the other 4.

Next up some of the greatest figures that Citadel has ever produced in my most humble opinion, the C23 series of Ogres by Jes Goodwin.

These 3 stragglers are recent acquisitions and still need a little work.

This is the complete set of C23 minitures, slowly but surley I'll get them all!

Lastly the excellent Marauder Miniatures Giant with some minor modifications, I wasn't a fan of the frilly shoulder ruffles.

I removed them, added some greenstuff for sleeves and raised the tree swinging arm up a bit to look like he is ready to deliver a blow.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, I'm working on a light box for the future.