Friday, May 26, 2017

Mining for Lead-Undead Part 3 Mounted Troops

Now for some mobile troops from my recently unearthed, or better put unboxed WHFB undead army.

A mounted Necromancer to lead them, actually from the 4th Ed to 5th Ed range.  I have a Red Duke figure from this same range as well as a mounted/foot Vampire of the same era in the waiting to be painted bin.

Some mounted units each with a metal champion from the old Dead Men of Dunharrow of the 1st Middle Earth license miniature run.  Like many of these figures from their licensed lines, they were absorbed into some of the regular GWS lines in this case the Undead.  I do plan to someday put some pennants on the ends of a few of their lances.

Next up are the foot troops