Monday, July 3, 2017

Mining for Warpstone Chaos Demons/Deamons Part 2 Pride and Joy

I broke this chap out on his own.  He is one of the half a dozen or so miniatures that I am proudest of over my years of collecting, converting and painting.  This is the 2nd version of the Bloodthirster model and my pride and joy.

He has the distinction of being the only miniature that I have ever entered into a Golden Demon contest.  It was back when they held them in Chicago, I managed to coordinate attending with a visit to my brother-in-law in the area.  I even left the ID sticker on the bottom of it!

I was incredibly proud of this beast,  and still am, but I was quickly humbled as I registered it and got to look at it beside the competition.  I don’t think he made it past the first cut, but I’m still glad I had the nerve to enter him.  I did some minor conversion work on him and re-positioned the arms, added a 2nd ax, and worked up the base.   

I'm most proud of the veins that I did on him.  Based up the skintone, then highlighted them light blue, then did some more skintone layering on top to blend them in.   

Here are some additional figures, 1st versions of Scyla Anfingrimm that I intended to represent his flesh hound pets.  I’d like to attach them via chains as if he is taking them for a walk but haven’t gotten around to working that out yet.  I hope you enjoy him.