Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mining for Warpstone Chaos Demons/Deamons Part 3 Little Guys

Deamons Part 3 is about the little guys, the rank and file lesser demons and deity aligned beasts.  As a devout flower of Khorne I liked the dichotomy of the Bloodletters.  They had a skinny, frail, distorted look to them in their initial release yet their deity was all about violence.  They are almost Geiger-esque with the elongated heads like everyone's favorite killer alien! I snatched up a few blisters and ended up with a unit of 16.

These are very early paint jobs by me in my late teens/early 20’s.

Not bad given the state of paint and inks, or lack thereof, at the time.  These figures were re-worked for their 2nd iteration into what I refer to as the “Arnoldletters”, muscle bound brutes.

The 3rd version was a departure in a couple of directions.

The “Goatletters” took on a goat head like look and they swapped out their swords for axes, they are still interesting figures but they don't hold quite the same appeal for me as the originals.

With the 4th version they reverted back to the big headed, skinny body model and they got upgraded (or downgraded depending on your opinion) to plastic models.   I’m an original type of guy and prefer the first version, they were some of the first multi-part metal models released and provided you with a ton of combinations.  My goal is to have at least an 8 man squad of each type in the future.  The 1st and 4th edition are taken care of now for the versions in between.