Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mining for Warpstone Chaos Demons/Deamons Part 6 Ooooh that Smell

Ooooh that smell, Can't you smell that smell, Ooooh that smell, The smell of death surrounds you!  Much thanks to Lynyrd Skynyrd for that perfect lyrical intro to my Nurgle miniatures collection.  Taking second seat to Khorne, Nurgle is my next chaotic power patron of choice.  I’ve always liked their design and the range in general.  I don’t have much painted for old Papa’s army but I do have a few miniatures.  First up is another of my favorite pieces, my demon prince conversion for the rotted one.  I originally thought that this guy was a special conversion that was featured in the Troll.  

For those uninitiated, the Troll was a was a fanzine type sales brochure published by the GWS mail-order department back in the day.  Not sure if they did it across the pond but it ran for a number of years here in the US and was included with WD subscriptions.  It was much like an upgraded sales flier.  As I did some research, I dug through my collection of old Trolls and couldn't find it in any of the conversion corners.  

I'm guessing that it must have appeared in a WD then.  The original conversion was a single set of arms.  I expanded upon it and added another set of arms trying to get that six legged insect look.  It consists of an old Greater Demon of Nurgle head, 2 sets of forest dragon arms, possibly another set or at least a set of forest dragon feet, a 4th/5th edition Demon Prince body, and some ROC era Nurglings including the legendary one flipping the bird! 

I stuck with earth tones and putrid colors and added the purple later as an accent for the claws, I think I was going for a poisonous look.   

It was a lot of fun converting and painting.  That’s it for painted figures, everything else for the lord of rot is bare lead and given my recent Leadly Sinner confession I won’t post any pictures of these unpainted figures.   

I have a Palanquin, a few bases of ROC nurglings, several of the ROC Nurgle champions, and a few Plaguebearers which I think are actually more like 4th/5th edition figures.  The one thing that I really like about the multiple versions of Plaguebearers is that they, out of all the chaotic powers lesser servants, seem to have kept a fairly consistent design.  To the extent that you can readily mix and match them without creating a major eyesore of a unit.  A unit made up of the 4 versions of Bloodletters would just look hideous.   

I also have an original tentacle headed slug Beast of Nurgle.  In my most humble opinion the best version of one of Papa's pets.  I’d like to mold up it up to create a unit of Plagueriders but that is a few months if not years off.  Does anyone know if they ever released an actual Plaguerider unit with rider and beast?  The current version is great, plague bearers on giant flies, I hope to pick up a few someday.