Saturday, May 14, 2016


As I prepared to get back into the hobby I wanted to have as much flexibility as possible in how I get the painting accomplished.  I started to recall my most productive painting years and remembered a time when I had a small 2 foot by 2 foot plastic table that I used to haul into the living/family room and paint on as my wife and I watched TV or just visited.  This was for just basic painting, any heavy work or conversion stuff was done on the proper hobby desk.  Once my sons were born the painting table wasn’t practical.  In the ensuing 20+ years since that time the table is long gone.

To be honest I am a cheapskate and don’t want to lay out the amount of money that GWS wants for their lap tables.   Seems like a lot for so little.  I do like the design but not for the price.

Then an epiphany struck me, literally as a couple of pieces of heavy foam board fell over and landed against my leg as I was mucking about in the hobby room.  Why not try to make one out of this stuff; with stuff being 1/2 inch foam board.  It is easy to work with and yet pretty durable, and even better didn’t cost me a cent since it was discarded signage!  So off I went and behold the partially completed results.  More to come!